The site of the FBH Equestrian Center offers wonderful training conditions and a beautiful facility. The various training options ensure that horses and adjusters can enjoy training in top conditions. This creates the perfect environment for a short-term training stay or long-term stabling!

Show jumping arena

The heart of the FBH Equestrian Center is the newly built show jumping arena with a show jumping course. With a size of 40 x 80 meters, the show jumping arena offers a large training space. The constant change of course regularly brings new tasks into everyday training. The course is made up of a wide range of obstacles and prepares the horses for upcoming competitions. The sand footing is perfect for everyday jumping practice. The ground is watered and levelled out daily, allowing it to be used almost all year round.

Small jumping arena

In addition to the sand and grass show jumping arenas, the FBH Equestrian Center also has a smaller jumping arena, which is 25 x 65 meters. Here, the riders can gymnasticize their horses in the best possible way and effectively adapt daily training to upcoming competitions.

Cross-country arena

To guarantee riders and their horses ideal training conditions and varied training options, the FBH Equestrian Center is equipped with a cross-country arena. By adding a 5,900 square meter wavy track to the terrain, the FBH Equestrian Center is able to provide riders with varied and versatile training for their horses.

Grass show jumping arena

The grass jumping arena is 75 x 35 meters in size and offers further training opportunities. Especially as an alternative to the classic sand show jumping arena, this arena is perfect for getting the horses used to different ground conditions and is the best possible way to prepare for a competition.

Indoor riding arena

The new riding arena was completed at the beginning of 2021. With a size of 26.8 x 68 meters, it provides plenty of space for training sessions. LED lighting and a high/low tide system provides perfect ground and light conditions for daily training.

Round pen

It is very important for horses to develop rhythm, consistency and balance. For this reason, the FBH Equestrian Center has two round pens, each located in the middle of the two large horse walkers. They can be used all year round thanks to the ideal grounds and roofs.

Ring racetrack

In addition to the riding arenas and the hall, the FBH Equestrian Center has a covered racetrack. With a length of 250 meters, this is perfect for gallop training, which offers the horses more variety to their everyday training. The roof enables riders to use the track all year round.


We also have a sand racetrack at the FBH Equestrian Center. With a length of 6 x 450 meters, the sand racetrack is an ideal warm-up option and a varied training option for everyday training.