We attach a great deal of importance to keeping sports horses in a way that is appropriate to their species: Large, spacious stalls, daily access to open-air runs on pastures and paddocks, as well as a high feed quality are standard with us. The training options at our facility also leave nothing to be desired. It is particularly important to us that the horses and riders feel at home on our property. This is ensured by our high-quality standard for a perfect short-term training stay as well as for long-term stabling.


The FBH Equestrian Center has 54 stalls, which are split across 7 stables. Each stall is 16-19 square meters and designed with rubber flooring to offer a high level of comfort for the horses. Each stall is equipped with its own small solarium, which allows the horses to be individually dried and warmed. Windows and fully open exterior walls ensure bright stalls and fresh air in the stable.

Horse walkers

The FBH Equestrian Center has two large walkers. These can be used for moving the horses as well as for everyday training. In the middle of the two horse walkers, there is a large round pen.

Washing facilities

As well as the individual solariums in the stalls, solariums also hang above the cleaning areas to keep the horses warm before and after training. There is also a large solarium in the wash box, which, combined with the use of warm water, makes washing horses possible and pleasant all year round. Rubber flooring ensures that the bottom of the wash box doesn’t become slippery, even in wet conditions.


Large paddocks give the horses a lot of opportunity to run around and move freely.


As well as the paddocks, the pastures on our site allow the horses to move freely in addition to their daily training. They give the horses a lot of variety outside the stalls and training.

Tack rooms

Large and spacious tack rooms allow you to store your equipment neatly and tidily. There are also large lockers available so that you can store your own personal items in a safe and organized fashion.

Social facilities

The communal lounge is a great place for visitors to socialize. We also have changing rooms and spacious showers on site for riders and visitors to change their clothes or take a shower before or after training.